Is it a good idea to create system-versioned temporal tables (SCD Type 2) using goolesheet in Appsheet?


I tried to create system-versioned temporal tables (SCD Type 2) for auditing all data changes in appsheet. The idea is every data has a pair of current table (only a current record) and historic table (all previous records) using google sheet as data source. Is it do able in Appsheet? Would it take to much storage? Or making the app run slowly?

Thank you

I’m not familiar with

Is the idea that every time a change is made to a record, a new record is created in the history table, along with a timestamp? If so, you can absolutely do that with Appsheet, just setup a “data: add a new row” Action, that is set as the Form Saved Behavior for the Form View of the original Table.

There is this setting in Appsheet, per Table, that you may want to use for the historical Table, in order to keep the many records from bogging down your app.

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