Is it feasible to generate PDF, display, ask for signature and save

I need to enable workers to create a Job Safety Analysis (JSA) on each job they do. The format required is too complex and data intense to use traditional fields going down the page since every line item on the JSA comprises multiple long and short text fields.

Therefore I propose creating an app where the user can select just the specific elements they need to build into the form. I then want the app to generate a form, using a Google Doc template, displaying all the relevant data in a table and display the form for the user to study, and thereafter sign in the app confirming he has read and agreed to the document. From there, the PDF needs to be re-created with the worker’s signature and emailed and/or saved.

Before I start on the project, is this feasible, or is it beyond the scope of AppSheet? Is there a sample app that does something similar?


Hi, yes this is possible to do with Appsheet… though it’s not simple one, but doable. You can’t choose elements but you can generate the form with correct questions through the app and then start to use it. That’s a tricky part.

The rest of the app is quite basic like adding Workflow/Emails features. Unfortunately we don’t have such a sample app at this moment that could cover all of this. Workflow sample apps you can find from

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Thanks. I think I am going to have to work out the max number of selections and have a form with that many drop downs. Then use those answers to generate the pdf etc. Using parent/child tables to enable unlimited numbers of selections will make the app messy to use.