Is it necesary to reduce number of licences when they are not being used?

Hi, if i bought 30 user licenses, and eventually 5 of the users are not using the apps for a while (lets say acouple of months) will i be charge for the 30 licenes anyway during those months, or they wont be charged?

They will be charged.

Thanks for reply, although i cant believe this is how it works, for example: if i buy 50 licenses and then 5, then 7, then 12 users stop using the app during the year, i will be charge for the 50 licenses every month, even though my active users will be no more than 26… ¿?
Is there a way to keep track of my active users in order to reduce the number of licenses?

You have to manually track this. If you set it too low, AppSheet will let you know you need to buy more licenses but they do not notify you that you are using fewer users than licenses. It would be nice if they did only charge based on the actual number of users but I don’t see that as a sustainable business model.

Go to MANAGE, MONITOR, USAGE STATISTICS to see past users per month and adjust accordingly.

Yes you are right

“Please note that your license count will not automatically adjust with your number of active users, you will need to adjust your license count as your user base fluctuates.”

Also i agree it would be nice if this was done automatically, the same way they warn you when you have less licenes than active users, they could warn you about more licenses than active users…

1° It would be more efficient, so one wouldnt have to worry about the number of active users and licences each month of the year and then have to change the number of licences.
2° I think is more fair to charge only for the active users since appsheet knows exactly that number, ¿why they would charge for the licences that customer forgot or fail to reduce in time? I understand it is a busines strategy but it seems its taking advantage of the dificulties the customer may have doing the tracking of active users and reducing licences in time

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