¿Is it posible to hide or disable the default "About" view to create a custom one?

I’m trying to make a custom About view in my app but I can’t find a way to disable or hide the default one.

I don t think it is possible.

About page (does not matter if we refer to it often or not) should be needed from leagal implication as far as I understand. It present terms of use, privacy, license etc to the app user and any app user (both internal or external) need to confirm before user the appsheet app.

That s why Appsheet does not introduce option to “hide” this About view.

Only one possible option is to hide MENU …

@tsuji_koichi is correct: there is no way to hide or disable the system-provided About view.

It can be great if we could add a little bit more of customization like an embedded youtube video.
Thanks for the answers.

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