Is it possible for the form to have a mixture of pre-defined values, and a value which a user can enter?

Hi everyone!
I am trying to run an expression for a form in a Deliveries Table, there are three “Delivery Type” options, “Door Delivery”, “Pick-up at Collection Point” and “Pick-up at Store” and each delivery type will result in a different “Address”.

I currently have the App Formula set as below in my Address Column in Deliveries Table.
IF([Delivery Type] = “Pick-up at Collection Point”, “xxx”, " ")
IF([Delivery Type] = “Pick-up at Store”, “yyy”, " ")

I was wondering if it is possible when “Delivery Type” = Door Delivery, users will be able to add their own address into the form.

At the same time, I was wondering if it’s possible if there’s an expression for where if “Delivery Type” = Pick-up at Collection Point, the form will show an enum of different addresses?

If i am unclear on anything, let me know! I’ll do my best to explain clearer.

Hi @Wee_Chin_Lim

I think it is better to use IFS with Suggested values.

IFS([Delivery Type] = "Pick-up at Collection Point", "xxx",
[Delivery Type] = "Pick-up at Store", "yyyy",
" ")

If it is not “Pick-up at Collection Point” or “Pick-up at Store”, it will be left blank.

Sorry if I misunderstood your requirements.
Have a good AppSheet development!


Hi @Takuya_Miyai
I tried the above code and, i am left with this error

I removed the " " at the end and it parses through.
However, when I am adding a new delivery via a form, I cannot add a new address if I selected “Door Delivery” for my “Delivery Type”. Any advice on this?

Thank You!

Hi @Wee_Chin_Lim

Sorry, I gave you the directions without verifying them.
Also, you can add items from Search, but it’s not a cool UI…

"I’d like to make the Address column mandatory in the Invalid if field only for Delivery Type, and make it unnecessary to enter the address for the other options. It might be better to cover it in the UI design.

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Hi @Takuya_Miyai
How did you make that work? could you share the steps to make this work? I’m not sure on how to do this.



Type is just an Enum.
Address is set to Suggested Value. As you pointed out, I was using the wrong Syntax.

IFS([Type]="A", {xxx},
[Type]="B", {yyy})

Here’s a capture of the Type, just in case.