Is it possible that an app by appsheet loses ...

(Paolo Catti) #1

Is it possible that an app by appsheet loses some data entered by the user if the number of inserted data was particularly long (>280 llines)? Is there a way to avoid this risk?

(Tony Fader) #2

@Paolo_Catti Some providers, like Google, limit the amount of data that you can store in a cell. Can you say more about what happened?

(Paolo Catti) #3

Yes thank you. My users say they fill in all the fields, while I often receive data full of empty cells. To be honest, just today I did a test and the result was perfect: all fields were transferred to the google sheets I’m using. So I’m very sorry for my question (yesterday I was discouraged and very inclined to depression, after speculating that the App could not send all the data … I was afraid it was a payment profile problem … or a problem with the net which looses my data.

(Tony Fader) #4

It’s okay. Also, sometimes AppSheet will insert empty rows into your sheet.