Is it possible to add a ref view form shortcut?

Hi, guys!

I am quite new to AppSheet, I am trying to build my first app, but I am still trying to get my head around some of the concepts.
I come from a MS Powerapps background, so while some things are incredibly easier in AppSheet, for some others I find myself clueless about what to do.

I am trying to build a medical appointment app where the medical team would log appointments with each patient. I have a Patients primary view and an Appointment view which references Patients.

So far the only way to record an appointment is by:

  1. Select a patient
  2. Go to patient details
  3. From the inline appointment table, click add new (which will bring the user to the appointment form)
  4. Fill in the form and save

So my question is, would it be possible to directly access the appointment form view and from there choose a patient and record the appointment?

As I understood, it seems to me that the only way for the user to get to a ref form view is by first accessing the parent view.

For my use case, it would be a lot easier if I could have a shortcut for the appointment form in the bottom menu, something like:

  1. Click the appointment in the bottom menu (which would bring the user to the appointment form)
  2. Fill in the form and click save

is it possible?

Thanks in advance, and let me know if is there any other information I could provide.

Welcome to the AppSheet community.

You can certainly do so. Please create a form view on the “Appointments” table and place it as a primary view.

You may also wish to note the subtle important pros and cons of the two approaches

If the user navigates to the Appointments view from the patient table view,

  1. the user gets to see any important patient details that the patient view may have and useful while creating an appointment.

  2. The user need not specifically select the patient name in the appointments form

  3. The user gets to see any previous and any active appointments or recent appointments history if that could be useful.

All these things will be generally unavailable if the appointment form is directly opened. “Generally” because one can always pull in certain required information from the parent table into child table so that it is available in the form. The user will certainly need to select the patient though if directly opened from the “Appointments” form.

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