Is it possible to add an action for webhook a...

(Andrew M) #1

Is it possible to add an action for webhook also? I like to be able to have a button where it would fire a webhook request instead of opening up the browser.

(Simon Robinson) #2

Yes, you’ll need to create an action as a trigger then a Workflow which contains the webhook

(Andrew M) #3

@Simon_Robinson What I mean is under the actions “do this” menu. I know you can do that under the workflow but I don’t want to create a field just for it to trigger. Basically it just needs to send a request to a URL I specify with optional prams.

So when the user presses a button, appsheet can just ping that url. Instead of it opening up the link in the browser.

(Philip Garrett) #4


@Simon_Robinson is correct. Currently the only way to trigger a webhook is via a workflow rule (i.e. event triggered)

or a Report (i.e time triggered).

If you want to use a button to invoke a webhook, the button must perform an update that will trigger the workflow rule (i.e. event triggered).

Feel free to add a new feature request to add the enhancement request you suggested. It would be a useful enhancement.

If you need to implement this now, then the approach that Simon and I described will work for you.

(Andrew M) #5

@Philip_Garrett_Appsh Where can I add this as a feature request? I did post it under the feature requests category under here. Is there another spot?

(Philip Garrett) #6

@Andrew_M1 - Login - AppSheet

Login - AppSheet

(Andrew M) #7

@Philip_Garrett_Appsh Thanks Philip