Is it possible to add an event to the app she...

(Bobby Stokes) #1

Is it possible to add an event to the app sheet user’s calendar when the user is different than the app creator? So far I have only been able to figure out how to link my calendar and not someone else’s in my organization.

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

I’m afraid that’s not possible directly at this moment. It means you should add a guest for that event but you can’t do that. You could do that with scripting because then you would have more possibilities.

(Stephen Mattison) #3

@Bobby_Stokes You could just build your own calendar/schedule in your app. This is handy because then you’ll only see days that have something scheduled.

(David Ackling-Jones) #4

@Bobby_Stokes why not just upgrade the user to “Can edit app definition”, and get them to sign into the editor and add their Google Calendar as a data source for the app, and then create a table in yoru app with that data source? Then you will be able to do everything you want. You don’t need the other user’s password/Google ID to do this–they do it in their own session. And your app has access to that calendar forever, without having to know any of the Google ID security.

(Bobby Stokes) #5

@David_Ackling-Jones I thought about that however I have over 70 potential users and most I don’t trust would be able to figure out how to do that.