Is it possible to add multiple event actions ...

(Robert Wengritzky) #1

Is it possible to add multiple event actions in the UX for a table/deck view? As in, currently clicking on each deck opens detail view but I want to bypass this and have each clicked deck link to a specific action.

For example; I have actions to email specific users which show up as the small icon I have picked. Each row only allows emailing to one user as using the CONTAINS code to filter the rows in the Actions tab.

When I click “Auto” on the event actions, it only allows me to click on one deck to email the top user and every other row/deck is no longer able to be clicked to open detail view.

(Steven Coile) #2

The actions available are determined by those defined for the table. In the workbench, click Behavior in the left rail, then choose the Actions tab. You will likely want to Add New Action to provide the behavior you want. One the action is ready, go to the view’s configuration and change the Event Actions for Row Selected to your newly-created action.