Is it possible to bypass the mobile app installation and stick with browser?

Is it possible to bypass the mobile app installation for AppSheet when a user presses a browser link on a phone or tablet? Its my understanding AppSheet recognizes the app is being opened on a mobile device and immediately asks the user to install the app.

We’d like to keep the app browser based and not ask to install the app (too many steps for a first time user and AppSheet branding is all over the screens causing even more confusion.)

Hi Daisy - when you say ‘presses the browser link’ are you referring to the ‘open in browser’ link included in the app user invite email?

If so, you’re saying users are selecting that and still being prompted to install/add shortcut instead of the app just opening in mobile browser?

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Yes, its been some time since I’ve tested this and it sounds like its not supposed to run thru the install process. Is this correct? If they use the browser link only - its not supposed to install the app?

If you’re able to reproduce this and clarify whether it’s occurring on iOS/Android, that would be helpful. I’m currently seeing the ‘Open in browser’ link working on Android.