Is it possible to capture driving time and distance from GoogleMaps into AppSheet?

The company in the brink of a new contract with the municipal water company.

We do have a time to send someone to the place of a problem (like a leak). If our people do not arrive on time, a % is subtracted from the monthly contract value.

My idea is for employee to “check” when he arrives at places. So we get location and time he got there.

Example, he checked he is at HQ.

We get a Service Order for Oak Street. We have 30 minutes to get there.

So he looks at AppSheet and it shows he has 30 minutes.

But will he arrive in time if he leaves 10 minutes before the timeline?

Idea would be for the new Service Order address to be inserted into the system. AppSheet then apparently can show the route through GoogleMaps. I suppose GoogleMaps will show the time for the destination.

Idea would be for that “time to destination” to be captured by AppSheet, so I could subtract it from the time available.

So employee could know he would need to leave to location of service order in 10 minutes at most, or he would arrive after timeline.

And that could also allow us to send service order to different employee, who would be closer (in time) to the Service Order location than another employee.

AppSheet cannot draw a route and capture the “time to destination” from Google Maps. It might be doable with Google Maps API with use of scripting and a standalone webhook.

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Maybe using a RPA bot… it could insert in GoogleMaps current location and SO location, get the routes and times, and then automatically click on “send routes to smartphone”. It actually has the option to send to Smartphone, Email or TextMessage.

If sent to email, the RPA bot can then monitor the email, capture the routes and insert on the spreadsheet AppSheet uses as source.