Is it possible to choose folder to attach file from the device?

Hi all,

In my app I would like to attach a video, at editing a new item.

As I understand it, I cannot take a video (only read it if yet here), while I can take pictures and save it directly from the app.
A workaround would be to attach a file, and thus add this file as an element of the item.
But at clicking on the “add a file” icon, on an iPhone device you come to the general gallery of the device.

So, my questions are :

  1. is there a way to attach a video directly ? (maybe I missed something)
  2. if not, is there a way to choose in which folder to pick the wanted file (ex : only video, or so…), so that the user won’t have to explore his device gallery ?

Many thanks for your help


Hi there,

Video upload is currently not supported, and it is not currently possible to manually restrict which file types appear in the explorer.

It is possible to embed video content however - you can find more information about that function here

Have a pleasant afternoon!

Hi @Hayden

Thanks for the tip ! This does not match what I am trying to do (upload from a video captured with the device), but I’ll keep in mind if I need something similar !

For me (Europe) it’s almost 6:00AM, so I guess for you (America?) it will be a pleasant morning when you will wake up :slight_smile:


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