Is it possible to control the navigation for the Cancel button?

I have a route app where we’d like to control where the user is directed when they press the cancel button of their forms. Can we do this somehow?

No, it’s not possible to control that currently. If you can explain in more detail the behaviour you’re looking for, then I may be able to suggest alternatives.

One thought being: if you use a grouped action to initialize the view you want with cancel press, and then immediately initiate the form view, then pressing cancel should return you to the other view in the grouped action? Hopefully that makes sense.


Thanks Jonathan I think I have something similar in place on a form. I have a grouped action in place to allow the following:

Add records Yes, allows the user to proceed with the next screen.
Add records No, returns the user to the intended screen
No Auto Save in place - user needs to press Save

I’ve hidden the Cancel button to minimize confusion and keep the user from going to the wrong screen but we have an issue with this scenario below when the user inputs data and realizes they need to “reverse” out of the page. They should have the ability to cancel but return to the correct screen - not the main menu.

How is the form (the screenshot you provided) being initialized? Is it one of your primary views, or is it an action button?

This one is accessed from another form

Could you convert the onSave action from the preceding form, to a grouped action that:

  1. Takes you to the correct ‘cancel’ view; then
  2. Takes you to the screenshotted form view.

From the users standpoint, it should appear to seamlessly go to the form. But pressing the back button should then take you to the cancel view?

Note that I’ve never tried this before in my apps, but I feel like this might work?

ok will give it a try, thanks Jonathan

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