Is it possible to create a trigger that allows for deleting/editing all items associated with a specific field?

I’ve got a large database of clients and would like to allow for bulk editing that associates a specific field (example: company name) with all parties that are affiliated with that field. As an example, if 20 people in my database of 6,000 all work for Company A and that company moves, is it possible to change the address for all 20 entries all at once?

Is it also possible to delete multiple entries in bulk? Using the same example as before, if Company A closes, could I delete all entries associated with it in bulk?

Hi @Phil_Clark!

I’ve been hoping for bulk editing capability but I suspect that it isn’t available yet. I’m following this post in the hope that someone will prove me wrong. :slight_smile:

On the surface, this should be easily done, and may already be available in your app if you’ve left the system-provided Delete action enabled and allow deletes on the table. If child tables have IsPartOf enabled, I believe child rows will also be deleted when their parent is.

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Thanks @Steve! One question: When many entries are deleted at once will that appear on the app as one thing to be done (that is, the little number of sync operations in the upper right-hand corner increasing by 1), or will it decrease by the number of rows to be deleted and then decrease one-by-one as they are actually deleted?

I’m afraid the number of child records to be deleted as a part of a parent record does not appear as a number over the sync icon. I believe we only see the total number of parent records processed with the sync.

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@Phil_Clark One solution is if you set a table as quick editable. Though you need to do it like Copy & Paste. You are looking for an action with editable value while triggering that action. It’s a requested feature, but not ready yet.

Thank you! I’ll test the child tables on my app ASAP and see if this accomplishes my end goal. I appreciate the insight from everyone.

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