Is it possible to create an action based on location?

I was about to schedule notification reminders but since we are so busy many people arent looking at their phones a lot.

Is there a way to automate the check in and check out based on their arrival and departure from our building location?

Has anyone done this and can walk me through it?

Nope. The app can only react to the location when a row is added or modified, or an action is performed. The user would have to interact with the app.


And that won’t be something that changes with the tighter control over App permissions. Newer versions of Android and iOS are much stricter about background location access, even if AppSheet added a way to ping the location automatically every few minutes.

As a potential help though, AppSheet supports NFC. You could have an NFC tag at a Check-In/Check-Out station somewhere that the users scan with the app triggering to record the times. It’s a great idea as it works double duty as reinforcing that they physically have to be there in order to Check-In/Check-Out and it doesn’t have to involve GPS at all.