Is it possible to customize Large Card layout (ex. add additional mappings)


Hey there,

I’m just starting to ramp up with AppSheet to see how our Marketing team can create simple apps to visualize and work with databases of messaging and market positioning databases.

I’m creating my first app and using the Card view with the Large layout. I have been able to map my columns to the layout elements, and things are starting to look the way I want.

However, there are a few other mappings I would like to add from our table, and it appears that i’m limited to 5 database mappings. Is there any advanced layout manager somewhere where I can configure this and add 1 or 2 additional mappings?


Even I am looking for the same. I wanted to add two more fields to the card but It doesn’t seem possible as it is a fixed UI I guess and cannot be changed.

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Unfortunately, no. :frowning:


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