Is it possible to display Data (top right corner or button of the screen) in a form view?

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I would like to have an eye on important values while filling the form (values from the parent table). In the same way as the one in the screenshot below: Sync Level, Sync Time, View and Data.

I know it’s different, but I would like something like this throughout the completion of the form.
Anybody know how would to do it ?

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Hi @THTH. This isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, but what about using form tabs to show progress through the form?

I see, however in the app, when filling the form, I can’t see any tab. Do you think it is possible to create one that will be accessible when filling the form ?

An other way would be to include these data/values in the header or questions, but it’s not really aesthetic and convenient. Except if we can change the police / color of the added values (4 or 5 column max). Would it be possible ?

@THTH it sounds like what you want is to see some key properties of a parent record when you are filling out the values in a nested/child form. Is it really a “parent” (eg: you want to see Order properties when flling out a new LineItem in that Order) or is it more of a contextual record (eg: you want to see Product properties when filling out a PurchaseOrder for that Product)?

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It is more like a “parent”. I want to see Investment required, depending on the data we just filled.Thanks for your fast reply Praveen !!

ok, this isn’t great but …

If it is a parent, you have a Ref column in the child that is being filled out. So you can easily construct Show columns that use expressions utilizing the Ref column … [RefColumn].[Investment] …
What this does is give you full control over whatever you want to see from the parent. The negative is that it does require a Show column type, which is a bit awkward.

I came up with something like this, CONCATENATE formula in the description. If we could change the color, or the size, would be awesome. Is it possible?

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