Is it possible to display Date column values in a different format?

Hello everyone, I hope there is a simple way to do this.

I have a “Month” column which is of type Date. This column in particular is created in a way that it will always add a new record which is the 1st day of the month (hence, the name of the column).

My expectation is that the values would be displayed in the app like:


In fact, in the source spreadsheet, I had formatted that column in that way (so, it shows as: “JAN-2021” and so on), but AppSheet imports and displays the dates like:


Please note that I have the Locale set to English(United States) in both, the Spreadsheet and the Column.

Why would you expect this?

I mean, that is what I would like it to be (perhaps my phrase in English wasn’t correct).

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There is no way to format a column of type Date in that way. An alternative would be to add another (optionally virtual) column to contain a Text value withe the date in the desired format. You could use the TEXT() function to format the date:

TEXT([Month], "MMM-YYYY")

See also:


Thank you Steve! This worked like a charm!

So, I’ve created the virtual column with the TEXT formula that you gave me, and I had marked that column as the “Label” for that table, so now in the app I see the values of those dates as I wanted.