Is it possible to divide a row of your table ...

(Alexander Bentley) #1

Is it possible to divide a row of your table into pages? i.e. when I click on an item I don’t want it to bring up every column in the table but would rather it bring up 10 columns and then the user swipe across to bring up the next 10 columns.

Also is it possible to create another table within your Google spreadsheet from within the app? i.e. when someone fills out a form on the app I want one of the entries to create another table in the spreadsheet that is named according to what was filled in.

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

1st question - If you are talking about the detail view, unfortunately it’s not possible. The closest result you probably can have with the Dashboard view if you split the structure with two different slices.

2nd question - we don’t have such a feature directly. You can have that functionality with scripting.