Is it possible to do with actions?

i need to edit one field from many rows with action. but i need to show a field and i write what i want.

ex, when i select it and click on action, i need to edit only the column “Novo Operador EPT”,
but i need to write, its not a pre defined word.

if i put action to edit, i will need to edit each one, i need to write one time and edit all columns in one time.


i’ve tried with link to form but doesnt work.

This isn’t doable from a table (or deck or gallery) view, I don’t believe. The best alternative I can imagine would be something that sets a column in a chosen set of rows to that of one select column. You’d go into one row, set a column’s value, the press a button to copy that value to the same column in other rows. It wouldn’t be a trivial process.