Is it possible to do?

i have one table called visao with somes problems from the day:

and i want to do this:
create another table called days, with three columns: (data - list - sent).

and the value from column List - (i want to get all the values from table visao, if the column solucao is equal testeA), but only two column from there - maquina and problema)

so in this example, the values to column List it will be:


my only problem is its possible to column list get this rows from another table. but it will be only in one row like this:


i can solve it add two virtual columns:
column “lista” - type list appformula = SELECT(visao[mesclar lista], ([solucao] = “teste”))
column “mesclar lista” type text appformula concatenate([maquina]," - “,[problema],” / ")


There is a better way in AppSheet to handle this easily. Simply attach the list of Abertos records to your Days table row.

You can use the Parent/Child relationship model. To do this you you simply add the Days table key to your Abertos table (maybe its the Date and already there).

Then in that column under Abertos table, you would turn on the “Is part of” option and enter the days table. This will automatically create a Virtual Column in the Days table where you can attach the list of Abertos rows.

You can read more about this here:

now i need to put a line break. that way is too messy, someone know how could i do it?

i’ll try it