Is it possible to eliminate the ‘clear’ butto...

(Tim Meske) #1

Is it possible to eliminate the ‘clear’ button in a drop down enum list?

Don’t want the user to have the option to ‘clear’ but rather only be able to select from the drop down.

As always, thanks!

(Tim Meske) #2

Correction… enum drop down, NOT enum drop down ‘list’


What if they accidentally select the wrong option they would have no way of changing it.

(Aleksi Alkio) #4

Agree with @Lynn . If the field is mandatory, it should do the same thing basically.

(Grant Stead) #5

I understand this want. Cause you might be dropping in an initial value. But want them the ability to select a new option… And many people click the drop down just to see what the other options are… Clear button feels like a cancel button sometimes…

(Tim Meske) #6


During development I myself have accidentally clicked the clear button rather than save.

The mandatory field is helpful but once the enum gets cleared the user may not recall what the actual selection was prior to clearing so the wrong selection may get reentered.

Would be nice to grey out or remove the option.