Is it possible to Filter Map view with checkbox

So the search box does show/hide certain pins on a map view but for a more efficient filtering, is it possible to get checkboxes to show/hide the pins?

Not directly from the map view.

I don’t know your use case but you could create a View where a user pre-selects the items they wish to see on the map such as using an EnumList column to multi-select items. You can then use this list to filter the pin items such as with a Slice and use that Slice as the source for the map.

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Thank you for your reply. I am looking for the checkbox show/hide functionality like in Google’s My Maps to be able to easily filter through property listings. My Maps is great except it doesn’t have clusters like AppSheet and doesn’t sync with Google Sheets which is a big one for me. Do you think it’s possible to achieve this with apps script?

To add to what @WillowMobileSystems said, I suggest combining a table where you can choose the filters with the map view into one Dashboard. This is more intuitive for the user if everything is in one place

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Not sure if this is a recent update, but now I see a dropdown in the search bar that allows me to Filter each column.
This does the trick for me as I can then save those filtered views as bookmarks. Thank you so much for your help!

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