Is it possible to filter the ref tables on the dashboard using the Quick edit buttons?

only ref will not be used with select, interactive dashboard pages will be filtered according to the situation when I change the quick edit buttons on the detail page, is it also possible to hide dashbord panels with context?


Hi @Pointer. You could set the “Show if” condition for each of your dashboard subviews to reference your detail page. Here is an expression I recently wrote for a similar use case to show one of my subviews in the dashboard.

INDEX(Filter_Table[Search Term], 1)=“Home”

I’m using my detail page (Filter_Table table) as a filter for some of my slicers. I’m allowing users to make quick edits to the Search Term field. In this case, the given dashboard subview with the above “Show if” condition would only show if the user search “Home”.


Thanks for the answer, unfortunately I did not have filtering, do you have a sample application?


You’re welcome! Here is a sample app with the user input filter I was referring to:

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thank you so much. I have too many child tables, actually I want to hide and show conditionally tables from the with filter page .is it possible to do this with “context”, or add “tab” to the dashboard?


ANY(report[equipment]) = “scissor”,
IN([feature], report[feature])

i did such a slice filtering

ANY (report [equipment]) = “scissor”,
ANY (report [location]) = [location]

No problem in this part,

IN ([feature], report [feature])

is wrong when you add this, what might be the problem? I have tried the same with contains

Hi @Pointer. Is “report” your “Filter” table?

If so, you could probably use another ANY() in this case: ANY(report[feature])=[feature].