Is it possible to force a sync that's triggered by an update to a specific field in a specific table?

I have a virtual column that pulls data from a specific field from a different table, and I want it to update whenever there’s a modification to that field - currently only happens when the application syncs. Is it possible to trigger a sync based on an update to a specific field?

Alternatively, is it possible to have Update Behaviour functionality on a virtual column?


Hey @rommel

Virtual columns by their nature are “always” updating.

  • I put always in quotes because there are some specifics about when and where they don’t update.

A virtual column should update any time you make a change to a corresponding row;

  • meaning you’ve gone into the row and affected a change through the app
    • Manually entering data, pushing a button (that changes some value), etc.

Virtual columns won’t update if the connection between the data is too loose

  • meaning there is no direct connection to any changed data (ie. there’s no [column] value being used in the virtual column formula)

In this case they only update during the main sync.