Is it possible to have a Dashboard in a Dashb...

(Stuart Carmichael) #1

Is it possible to have a Dashboard in a Dashboard?

I have tried to do it, but the SecondDashboard I created doesn’t show up in the dropdown list for “View entries”.

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #2

It’s dashboards all the way down!

No, we currently do not allow this. We hadn’t seen a need for it. Could you clarify the scenario please?

(Stuart Carmichael) #3

I have six views to organize: one Detail to control date range of time granularity, one Histogram, two Line charts and two Pie charts.

In an Phone Vertical form factor, they setup one after the other as you scroll down (which is nice).

However, in the Tablet or Full Screen mode, they appear somewhat jumbled.

I have played with { Large | Tall | Wide | Small } but have had little luck.

I was wondering if I could use Dashboards to better partition them a little more like this pseudo code.

Yes, I am hoping for turtles all the way down!