Is it possible to have a Grouped action on Sa...

(Jason Yellery) #1

Is it possible to have a Grouped action on Save Form, that has multiple LINKTOFORM() actions?

I currently have 2 LINKTOFORM() actions to bring data to 2 different tables that occurs on saving a data entry form.

The first LINKTOFORM() action works and when Save is clicked on the linked form the data is saved to the proper table. The second LINKTOFORM() action never triggers.

Is this a bug? or do I need to change the Finish View of the first LINKTOFORM() form? or is there another method to send data from an entry form to multiple other tables?

(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #2

@Jason_Yellery Hi Jason, I’m afraid it is not possible to execute a sequence of LINKTOFORM() actions at the moment. This is because LINKTOFORM actions rely on the data context of the current row/form. Once the first LINKTOFORM action is performed and the app thus navigates to a new form, the underlying data context and table have changed, which means that the next LINKTOFORM action will no longer be applicable.