Is it possible to have an action, which updates a column in table A, be the trigger for a workflow in its subtable B?

I have an App where the user wants to get an email of all the data from 2 tables. The problem is that the Table B records contain a lot of files and photos. I want the action for each Reverse Referenced B Row to create an indiviual email. If they are go out in one email, it will probably be over 10MB

Ideally you could do this by creating an event triggered workflow rule that used the “For each row in table” option. Unfortunately, we don’t currently support that option for event triggered workflow rules.

One extremely round about way to achieve this would be to have the update to table A trigger a webhook that updated some field in each record of table B. That update could trigger an event triggered workflow rule for each record in table B.

Hopefully someone in the community has a better idea.

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Could you trigger off a virtual column in Table B that looks for changes in [Table A].[Column X]?

No because event triggered workflow rule must be triggered by an add, update, or delete. The change in the value of a virtual column does not result in an update.

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Is it possible to use an action to change the data in a column in a group of related rows in a subtable. I.e. via [Related Table][Row]?

Hi Simon, did you ever figure this out. Searching for a similar solution now

Yes we did. I set it up so the workflow runs against each row in the table. Is this what you meant?

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