Is it possible to have an ENUM column with ju...

(David H) #1

Is it possible to have an ENUM column with just ONE EnumValue (show), and if toggled, text value changes into “hide”? and vice versa. The EnumInputMode is BUTTON.

(Simon Robinson) #2


Simply set the Show_If to ISBLANK([Button_Column])

(David H) #3

Thanks, but this is not what I’m looking for. My question is not formulated well.

I would like the text of ENUM BUTTON to change into different text if I toggle it.

So if I select it, the text would be: HIDE, but if I press it again, the text would change into SHOW.

Mind you, this is an ENUM column with only one text value:“SHOW”.

In my scenario I would love to have a button which, if toggled, shows some data in my form view and if toggled again, this data is hidden.

(Simon Robinson) #4

Got it.

I’m struggling to suggest anything obvious that might work.

I thought about using two ENUM columns with a Change Counter column to track each click.

But the issue with this is you can click the SHOW button, which then hides its self and shows the HIDE button, but you can’t get either of them to reset back to no value.

You can’t have a column with a formula based value and be able to change it too.

If it was me, I’d just go for an ENUM with SHOW and HIDE.

Is there a reason why this isn’t an option?

(David H) #5

Actually I think this is a really good idea: using 2 ENUM columns + Change Counter.

I don’t need them to reset back to no value. Reason: It’s more of a design solution :). Thank you very much!