Is it possible to have fast and automatic ref...

(Etwo Cargo) #1

Is it possible to have fast and automatic refresh on app?

(Stephen Mattison) #2


Do you mean just an Auto Sync?

It would be great to also or at least have an Action that would simply click Edit & then Save any Table.

(Etwo Cargo) #3

@Stephen_Mattison Dear Stephan,

That’s right. Auto Sync? Your solution is not what I want actually. Means users must have sync after others put a data without press some button. And fast as well. Is it possible?

(Jonas /) #4

enable background sync,

It has gotten pretty fast. I get the latest data with a maximum delax of 30-60 seconds

(Jonas /) #5

forcing a background-sync every time a user makes a change is not possible right now and can be quite dangerous if you have a large number of users working at the same time.

(Etwo Cargo) #6

@Jonas Thank you for your answer. What if i have 300 users as marketing supervisor and they put data in same time for example? Do you have different solution for that?

(Jonas /) #7

AppSheet can handle that. The question is what are you concered about?

overwriting data? do you need to restrict certain things based on changes another user might have made?