Is it possible to have the Action button loca...

(Mahesh Gajanan) #1

Is it possible to have the Action button located along the bottom edge instead of it being stacked over the Edit button? See button I would like to relocate in attached image. I have set Action to “Display overlap” so it does not show up at the top but it shows very poorly by stacking on top of Edit.

Second part to the question,

like the Check In button, I want label to show the other Action button also. I see it appears only when Display Behavior is set to Prominent but not otherwise. Possible to make it show label otherwise?

(Reza Raoofi) #2

Those are the current fixed options; Display Prominently will show up on top with label (action name), and Display Overlay will stack up buttons and removes labels; I believe that is in line with material design.

If you have suggestions for change you could put in a request here: