Is it possible to have the data collected by an app automatically update a spreadsheet?

I’m trying to create an app to track inventory for my employer. I work for a contractor who needs to keep track of inventory on several different job sites.

I created an app using a Google Form that essentially uses dependent dropdowns. For example, in the first section they select the site location from the drop down, the next section they select the category, the next section they select the item from that category, so on and so forth.

The inventory for each job site is recorded in its own tab on the worksheet. What I’m trying to do is get the app to automatically send the data it collects its respective tab.

I’m not 100% sure this is even possible. I’m a total newbie and not even sure where to start, can anyone make any suggestions?


It’s possible, but difficult, and virtually impossible for a beginner. AppSheet would work better if you had only a single worksheet that included all job sites, with each row including a column that identified the job site the row was for.

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That makes sense, that was my feeling as well. If I were to combine the job sites into one worksheet, how would I go about getting that sheet to update from the app? I’ve been playing around with AppSheet Events and Automations, am I on the right track?

Why not just use the table populated by the form?

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Just because I have so many branching options that it makes the table really messy and hard to follow, and because of that it isn’t super useful for the purpose of keeping track of hundreds of items. I’m basically trying to use AppSheet to create a table that’s cleaner and more digestible. I tried using formulas in Google Sheets as well but they don’t work with the dependent dropdowns.

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Are there fields that are job site-specific, or are all fields common to all job sites?

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All fields are common to all job sites

Okay, you’re going to have to dive into some advanced AppSheet to get what you want.

You’ll need that other table to receive the processed data collected from the form.

In the configuration for the form view (in UX >> Views) for the collection form table, you’ll use the Form Saved event action to automatically process each new form submission. You’ll need to create the action (below) before you can attach it.

Create an action (in Behavior >> Actions) for the form-collection table of type Data: add a row to another table with values from this row to add a row to the processed-submissions table that sets the columns of the target row with values from the source row.

Once that action is attached to the form, the action will be performed automatically for each new form submission.

The above assumes all form submissions will be made through the app itself; it won’t work for submissions through Google Forms or by any other means.

See also:

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You are a lifesaver, thanks for taking the time to help me out. I’ll give this a try and see how I go!