Is it possible to have the views that are loc...

(Phil Corbiere) #1

Is it possible to have the views that are located in the deck (rather than those in the menu) be different for each user?

I am not trying to hide views from certain users. I am trying to make it so that each user has a different set of views positioned on the deck at the bottom. I would still like to have all views accessible in the menu.

I don’t know what to search to find the answer.

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

You can use the Show_If option in the view definition. For example you can add an expression like USEREMAIL()=“” and then it will show that view only for you. Problem is this… you can’t show the same view in two different places. Then you should create another view which would be the exact copy. That’s not a good design, doable though.

Better idea would be arrange a table view (or deck) with the slice. Then you could show all views in the same view with different names and you could control users in a better way without double views.

(Phil Corbiere) #3

Ok this seems like a good idea, using a table view that has a slice by user without having the double views. I’ll look into this.

Currently I have a couple slices, each organized by a single user. I think what you’re saying is to have a single slice that uses something like the USEREMAIL() expression.

Thanks for your continued support!

(Aleksi Alkio) #4

If you want to use that table view as a menu, you can add an app field into that table.