Is it possible to hide virtual columns in for...

(Esben Boye-Jacobsen) #1

Is it possible to hide virtual columns in form-mode?

I have few virtual columns, that are showing some static data (specifically a letter), which is colored either red or green based on a another columns true/false state.

I do not need these virtual columns to show up on my form-view, so I was wondering if it is possible to hide them in that specific view?

I know I can change the order in a table-view, but can’t figure out how to do it in form-view.

Any help would be appreciated.

(Mark Dinius) #2

I’ve had similar questions/problems with the form view. I created a slice to eliminate a few of them, but not all of them.

(Aleksi Alkio) #3

You can hide those virtual columns with the Show_If. Just type FALSE there. If the option UX > Options > Apply show-if constraints universally is set to ON, it will hide those virtual columns from the detail etc. view as well.

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