Is it possible to limit number of options chosen from an EnumList with base type "Ref"?

I just corret this. But the new error is:

Unable to find column ‘IDSQUADRA] [_THISROW’

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Ack! Another typo. Corrected above.

Now your formula is correct but the limit max 8 choise don’t work. Now I can see the items but I can’t select nothing.

On Valid If I have insert your suggestion:

  (COUNT([_THIS]) <= 8)

@Steve your suggestion works if I change the “input mode” to “Dropdown”. If I use “batteries” or “buttons” the value is not colored. So it is not clear if it has been selected. Why?

@Steve I realized that by selecting “dropdown” first I see the 30 cyclists of the selected team but after the last value I also see another 40 cyclists who are part of other teams not selected. With “buttons” and “stack down” it does not happen.

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Hmmm… Try unchecking Auto-complete other values in the EnumList column’s configuration.

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Thank you! Now I only see the cyclists of the selected team.

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@Steve Do you have an idea for this problem?

I don’t understand the problem. Please post a screenshot.

I’m sorry.
I hope to make myself understood better with pictures.

Before inserting the changes you advised me when the user selected his choice, the button was colored blue:

After entering the changes you recommended, the screen looks like this:

The selected cyclist / button (1) turns dark black while the unselected cyclist (2) remains black. For the user it becomes really difficult to understand who has selected and who has not.

Even if I change the mode to “light” it changes little. The selected button becomes dark gray and the unselected one slightly lighter gray.

Do you think it could be a bug?

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Yes, it looks like a bug to me.

Even with the unclear coloring, do the selections work as desired? Do multiple selections get saved to your spreadsheet?

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Yes the selection work and I find the data on spreadsheet. How can I report the bug?

Send email to

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Thank you so much for your immense help.

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Hi Steve,
sorry if i disturb you again.
If I wanted to add to the formula you suggested also the possibility of excluding from the list the cyclists who do not have an empty field in the T_ROSA table, in the “FINO_AL” column, which formula should I add?
I tried to insert another condition to the “OR” function for example ISNOTBLANK ([_ THISROW]. [FINO_AL] but it doesn’t function.
Always thank you very much

Please start a new topic for this question and provide a complete description of the problem.

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