Is it possible to link to the primary view in...

(Andrew Eills) #1

Is it possible to link to the primary view in a Dashboard, via an Action using LINKTOVIEW or LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW, carrying across the relevant column value to select the relevant row of the Dashboard’s primary table?

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

Is the case like this… You are showing a table and detail view on your Dashboard. Now you want to carry key value from the detail view and open that individual table view with the same record?

(Andrew Eills) #3


Hi Aleksi - I think there are a few situations where it would be useful, but the one that spurred the question was where i have 4 levels of relationship, and want to show two per dashboard.

For instance, on Dashboard 1 have Countries and States tall deck views and on Dashboard 2, Counties and Townships tall deck views.

The functionality I was after would be to select USA from left pane Dashboard 1 to bring up the list of States on the right pane, and then have an Action button on each entry on the States deck view that when selected would take the user to Dashboard 2 where the Counties deck view would be filtered to only show the Counties for the State selected on Dashboard 1.

The user could then select, say, ‘Orange County’, from the left pane of Dashboard 2 to show the relevant Townships on the right hand pane of Dashboard 2.

At any point, the user could elect to edit, say, a State or a County, but the point is they would be able to easily navigate the entire four tier hierarchy, updating, adding or deleting data wherever they needed.

At the moment, I have trialed four tall views side-by-side (in browser mode), and it makes managing the data very easy and intuitive, but as text doesn’t wrap in deck views, it would be better to gain extra width for each tall pane, by spreading the functionality across two Dashboards.

(Aleksi Alkio) #4

Have you tried something like… LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW(“Dashboard2”,[STATE]=[_THISROW].[STATE])

(Andrew Eills) #5

I didn’t even know STATE existed!

I’ve never had much success finding the list of available appsheet variables.

I’ll try it out, tonight.


(Aleksi Alkio) #6

No No :smiley: State is one of your columns.

(Andrew Eills) #7


Face palm Translate

(Andrew Eills) #8

LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW(“Dashboard2”,[STATE]=[_THISROW].[STATE]) doesn’t work,

I tried linking to Dashboard2 with a nested LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW for the left pane of Dashboard2 using


but that just took me to Dashboard2, lke the first expression.

If there was a way to let Dashboard2 know that I am targeting a view within it, then that would be the way to go, but I don’t know whether that’s possible.

I wondered whether writing a custom deep link might be the answer, but I’m loath to go there, at this stage.


(Aleksi Alkio) #9

It seems that the LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW() doesn’t work with dashboard views if you need to carry out a dynamic value. I wasn’t aware of that. My mistake… sorry.

(Andrew Eills) #10


No probs.

There’s always another way.