Is it possible to loop over a list e.g. SPLIT...

Is it possible to loop over a list e.g. SPLIT(“email1, email2, email3”, “,”) and for each email create a row in a table?

Yes, there is a SPLIT() function that can do this. - SPLIT() SPLIT()

Well I know there is a split function, the question is can I loop over it somehow?

Not directly but you should be able to do that with the Webhook / Appsheet API.

The part that is a problem is “create a row”. We don’t yet have an action to create a row in another table. Once we do, it will become easier to support this kind of composite action.

Yes, this is indeed missing. I ended using zapier-code, it gets very complicated to do it in appsheet. I almost managed to simulate a loop with Action and Workflow, but the workflow does not response to a second event on a table in the same round.

Some kind of iteration is essentially required.
There are scenarios:

  1. I need to perform iterate / loop records and select records based that match specific logic / condition. So far I am not able to find an appropriate action / function.
  2. I need to add a variable number of new records, such as 300 new records

While() or Loop() function will definitely help
Is there any alternative available? Any concrete example?

Check out this post…

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Hi Steve

I am trying to develop an app for EHR (Electronic Health Records). But I get stuck due to these type of limitations. Just imagine if I have to repeat this implementation many times, how much effort will get involved. Appsheet needs to come forward and address its limitations

Hi Praveen

Without this missing feature, I have to use FileMaker Pro to develop my app for Electronic Health Records. For sure, Appsheet has best architecture for mobile apps development. But it still lacks some essential features.

Hi Praveen

Please take lead to take initiative. Do not miss this opportunity for making 

Appsheet a true leader in mobile app development