Is it possible to only cluster map pins on a condition?

I am trying to only apply the cluster of map pins when a condition is met. AppSheet is ignoring my format rules and applying cluster automatically to all the pins that meet the same color and i want to avoid that, i want it to only cluster if a condition is met.

Or have the cluster to be only applied when the pins are less than 1 mile from each other? I find it tedious to have pins in a cluster when they are like 50+ miles in distance from each pin.

I noticed that when i zoom out too much, the pins are all clustered even if they are not in the same location. Is it possible to disable this so that zooming out won’t cause this problem?

Are you able to take a printscreen from your device or maybe a small video how it’s working now and how you would like to have it. It would help us to understand what your goal actually is, thanks.