Is it possible to populate multiple columns from a single QR code if it has multiple elements?

if a single QR codes contains elements that we want to split into multiple columns how can we do that?

example scenario, checking new inventory into storage or removing inventory to consume.

1 form to scan the QR code of the inventory item, then scan the QR code of the storage location, then enter a quantity:

first scan selects the inventory item from the list.
second scan designates the shelving unit, shelf, bin

the columns we would like populated by the form are:
shelving unit

Seems you’re referring to multiple QR codes, not multiple bits of info in a single QR code, now I’m confused about what you’re wanting. However, yes, everything you mentioned should be easily possible.

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sorry for the confusion, we are envisioning putting a QR code on each bin on each shelf of all the shelving units, so that code would contain multiple elements of information. the idea is to be able to run reports that not only tell us what is in stock but where it is stored to manage available storage. working with split and index seems promising, thanks for the input.



If you need to fill different input fields in a form you could add a TAB in the QR Code.