Is it possible to provide a link to a specifi...

(Tammi Canelli) #1

Is it possible to provide a link to a specific row in a workflow email?

I tried this: LINKTOROW([RegID], “dbo.tblRegistration_Detail”) but it just shows as the text no link.

(Syed Faheemuddin) #2

Get the App link from UX>dbo.tblRegistration_Detail (something like…#view=dbo.tblRegistration_detail )

In Email Body paste the link and add ‘&row=<<[RegID]>>’ without quotes. like…#view=dbo.tblRegistration_Detal&row=<<[RegID]>>

(Tammi Canelli) #3

@Sdfaheemuddin that’s what I usually do but for some reason the system views don’t have that detail in the UX. ?

at least I didn’t see it.

(Syed Faheemuddin) #4

Then add a new view in UX by name dbo.tblRegistration_Detail of view type Detail