Is it possible to restrict Images to Portrait...

(Stephen Mattison) #1

Is it possible to restrict Images to Portrait layout? This is for uploading into the App a photo/.JPG of a printed out PDF legal Doc containing a Signature.

Sometimes if you take a photo of a Document that is laying flat on the desk, the phone camera saves it as Landscape layout, turning the Doc sideways.

I want to always be able to read the Doc without having to turn my head. TYTY!

(Kirk Masden) #2

I see the problem.

At first, I thought I could take a picture on my phone and then rotate it before importing it to my app. I tried it and, though I was able to rotate it, the rotation was ignored by my app.

When I rotated a picture on my computer and then imported it into my app via the web builder interface, it worked.

Since people need to take pictures with their phones a lot, I can see that some improvement is needed.

(Kirk Masden) #3

Perhaps you should request this as a new feature here: - Login - AppSheet Login - AppSheet

(Stephen Mattison) #4


Cool, bro, will do.

Thanks for your sage input, and the thoughtful link, you’re a Bros Bro!

(Kirk Masden) #5

I remember your support and interest in stuff I started posting two years or so ago.

I really appreciated that and am happy to do anything I can to repay the favor!