Is it possible to retain original file names ...

(StudentHomes Plymouth) #1

Is it possible to retain original file names for PDFs, Images and the like?

Whilst I’ve seen similar posts I cannot find a definitive answer to the question of how to retain original file names when uploading to Appsheet. I have 2 Apps that in part use common read only data that refers principally to pdf files and images.

Having organised my data and given them meaningful names it is frustrating that the file is saved again and renamed if uploaded via Appsheet, is there anyway of stopping it from changing the name and saving a further copy?

Thus far the only workaround I have found is to enter the file path & name directly into my spreadsheet and not via Appsheet. Thanks, Steve

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

I’m afraid the app will rename the file name and there is no workaround at this moment.

(StudentHomes Plymouth) #3

Thanks for getting back to me. That’s fine I’ll have to work around it, but suggest it would be better if it didn’t or at least allowed the option.

(Matthias Waibel) #4

@Aleksi_Alkio I would need the original file names for PDFs and Images after uploading too. Just for displaying it to the users, it is irritating for them to see different names after uploading. It would be great if you would enable this feature (fetching the original filenames).

(Aleksi Alkio) #5

+Dr. Matthias Waibel The problem is this… if the user is uploading the same pdf more than once or if there are two different files but with the same name, the app would not know which one is the correct one. That’s why we are using the unique key value and the time in that file name. But you are right… it would be a good feature if we could use the original file name.

(Matthias Waibel) #6

@Aleksi_Alkio That is clear. That is why i would wish the feature just for displaying purpose. Within the backend the unique file naming makes absolut sense.

(StudentHomes Plymouth) #7

Agree with both foregoing comments. Would it be possible for user to be prompted to enter a display name for the file?

(Aleksi Alkio) #8

I will add this to our request list.

(StudentHomes Plymouth) #9

Thanks Aleksi