Is it possible to return the label instead of...

(Diogenes ASBL - VZW) #1

Is it possible to return the label instead of the key column?

I’ve a column with an ordered enumlist of Organisations

Valid_if= Orderby( List Organisation[ID], [Nombre Acc. physiques],True, [Organisation],False)

The list is ordered by [Nombre Acc. physiques] and [Organisation]

When a user selects an organisation in the list, it returns [ID] of the list and not the organisation.

Is there a solution for this?

Greetings, Bram

(Grant Stead) #2

@Diogenes_ASBL_VZW you can keep the key and add a secondary column that has an app formula that does a derefference. OR you can simply create the list of organizations in the valid if. - Dereferences Dereferences

(Diogenes ASBL - VZW) #3

Thx Grant,

I think i’ll do the derefference in an other column.

The formula Orderby is only working when you use the key column: ORDERBY(List[Key column],[orderby column],false)

I tried this, but this is not working:

ORDERBY(List[Organisations],[orderby column],false)

with [Organisations] not the key …

Thx a lot… Bram

(Grant Stead) #4

@Diogenes_ASBL_VZW agreed, orderby only works on keys.