Is it possible to select more than one option from REF list

I have a Timesheet table that has an Employee table as a REF. So when you go to the form you are able to select the employee that wants to punch in. However I would like for the foreman to be able select not just himself too punch in. I need him to punch in his whole crew. Since it is a REF list I am only able select one.

Is it possible to select many?

You can use an enum list with base type ref and then references the table used. in this case: “employee”

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Now I see how to use that feature. I always wondered what that meant. Problem solved. Thank you good sir.

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I just saw that by doing that it broke my other formulas that were using that column as a REF.

I had, [Name].[Hourly Wage] referencing the hourly wage of the employee but now since I made it an Enumlist with a Ref base it no longer references the employee name. Any way around that.

alguna idea @Aleksi.

I think that in this case you could not do it because each employee has different information.

Yes that’s the reason.