Is it possible to send post request from Apps...

(Vo Tu Duc) #1

Is it possible to send post request from Appsheet App to cloud service , then to get/put the result turn back to Appsheet app?

When I make a post request from Google Spreadsheet, I can get result and push the result into sheet.

But I don’t know how to do this job within Appsheet App.

Anyone can please give me an direction?

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #2

We don’t support this yet. We should, and it is something we are discussing. @Philip_Garrett_Appsh and @tony

Could you please include or upvote this at - Login - AppSheet

Login - AppSheet

(Vo Tu Duc) #3

Yes, let me upvote it.

@tony in my point of view, this help us to buid more complex App. Very important.

(Henry Scott) #4

@Vo_Tu_Duc here is the link to a similar Feauture Request so that you can UpVote[{“Column”%3A"Category"%2C"Order"%3A"Ascending"}]&page=detail&row=G51Mk9m2&sort=[{“Column”%3A"Votes"%2C"Order"%3A"Descending"}%2C{“Column”%3A"_RowNumber"%2C"Order"%3A"Descending"}]&table=Open+Topics+Slice&view=Topics_Detail