Is it possible to show a graph or chart while recording data?

I have watched several videos, reviewed a number of apps, and I think I’m just confusing myself. Is it possible to show a graph or chart while recording data in an AppSheet?

I have an app that records health data into a table. I have another table of months of previously recorded data where, for instance, weight was recorded on several dates. I want to show that history as a bar chart or graph in another window as the nurse enters the field or statically from the time the patient is identified which is the first action in the app. For the history, I have created a slice for just the weight and have sought to use that in a dashboard view, but I’m guessing this doesn’t work in the fashion I’m suggesting.

Any help is greatly appreciated!!

What you are looking to do is not possible in the Form view.

One solution is to use a detail view with QuickEdit columns instead of a Form view and the chart could be displayed at the bottom as an inline view.

You could use a Dashboard but unfortunately you cannot have a Form view within a dashboard.

If you are using Gsheets, another solution may be to create a chart server side and point to it in the Form (using a Show column) or Detail view but unfortunately it is not trivial to do this. You could look at this, for example:

There are more possibilities but I am afraid, they all involve some coding.