Is it possible to side scroll on a tablet in ...

(Kyle Bowling) #1

Is it possible to side scroll on a tablet in table view?

Not all my columns fit on the screen and are having to go into detail view to see it all.

Thanks Kyle

(GreenFluxLLC) #2

I don’t believe so. Have you tried setting the column width to Narrow in the settings for that View?

Another trick is to create Virtual Columns to combine a few other columns into one. [First Name], [Last Name] takes up more room on the screen than a single [Full Name] column, even though they contain the same data.

So try using the CONCATENATE() function in the App Formula for a Virtual Column to combine a few of your fields just for this view.

Also, turning off ‘show column headers’ seems to help sometime too. Especially when the column name is longer than the data-- like with a Y/N column with a long name.

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #3

Hi @Kyle_Bowling, this just isn’t a standard mobile UI pattern, so we don’t support it in our apps.

Horizontal scrolling sometimes shows up (like in the Netflix app), but it is a way to see a collection of entities, not to see properties of a single entity.