Is it possible to sign multiple records in a batch?

I have a box collection app in which a driver collects boxes with with certain contents from multiple locations on a route. Both driver and customer sign each collection record and a PDF manifest is generated and emailed to the customer. A week or so later these boxes change custody and I would like to be able to select each applicable record and have the custodial change recognized with a single signature instead of having to sign each of the 25 individual records.

Can this be done?

If you need to have the signature in a normal column, it’s not possible. If you can use virtual signature instead of normal, then it’s possible because you could do that only once for example for the first record. Of course you would need to have somekind of relationship between these records… like a same batch # so it would work.

By virtual signature do you mean a third party app? Not sure what you mean or how this would work.

I mean signature with a virtual column.

Scott, you have a table that records collections and each entry has the driver signature and the customer signature. It sounds like you also want to have a current custody column and a current custody signature.

There are two ways to do this — have a separate table with current custody information and a Ref from the collection record to it. Or just have the information inline in the collection record (this is simpler but duplicates the information).

You can multi-select collection records and then edit all of them together. So it will be one form that comes up, but underneath, AppSheet will copy the changes to all the records you choose. Adding @Adam for confirmation.

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Okay. I’m still on a steep learning curve on appsheet. Assuming I’m using the “inline” option you specified above. How is the form appearing that edits multiple records at a single time? Is this this an action that is triggered from a view? Sorry, its a miracle that I’ve got a working app at this point. Not sure how I did it.