Is it possible to use EXCEL DATABASE MODEL as source table? (Read_Only)

Hi team,

I have an excel file that has a connection with an offline SQL database. I made a connection to a specific table that I want to view in that database.

Is it possible to use the **excel database model as a source of AppSheet?

I would appreciate any ideas for connecting my offline SQL database (one table from that database) to AppSheet.

Thank you all.

@LeventK, @Steve, @WillowMobileSystems

I don’t know what “excel database model” is.

@Steve he is possibly pointing out to Excel Power Pivot and Power Query I believe


@LeventK, Yes. Indeed, I’ve pulled a table from SQL by using a query, into the excel data model.
So it refreshes in every 30min. I want to make an app using this model.

Is it possible to use data model as a source?

@LeventK @Steve

The short answer is “No”, the data model description cannot currently be used as a direct datasource into AppSheet.

Bottom line is that AppSheet needs to access the data in tabular form - columns and rows. So if the result of the “excel data model” is presented in an Excel spreadsheet, then you can use that Excel spreadsheet as the AppSheet datasource.

So you can have your query running, updating an Excel sheet every 30 minutes and AppSheet can read from that sheet. But, keep in mind that changed data is not available in AppSheet until the next Sync is performed.



Thank you very much for the explanation.
So, I should try to create a query to make a direct connection to the table in spreadsheet.